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Cyber security is top priority issue, Minister Pribilović says in Brussels

Cyber security is top priority issue, Minister Pribilović says in Brussels
Published date: 14.03.2017 19:26 | Author: PR Service

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Brussels, Belgium (14 March 2017) -- Minister of Public Administration Suzana Pribilović spoke in Brussels with Sorin Ducaru, Assistant Secretary-General for Emerging Security Challenges.

Two officials noted that the issue of cyber security is a key priority in the context of successful cooperation in the field of information security and provision of NATO technical assistance.

Minister Pribilović underscored that significant progress has been achieved in the field of information security, and that, primarily through the activities of the Computer Incident Response Team, which operates under the Ministry of Public Administration, the Council for Information Security is expected to be set up this year, as well as to develop regulations for the protection of critical infrastructure and the new information security strategy.

Assistant Secretary-General Ducaru said that he appreciates intensive activities of the Ministry of Public Administration in order to protect the overall system from cyber-attacks, noting that Montenegro is on the right track when it comes to carrying out activities towards providing the high-quality protection in the area of cyber security. He stressed that cooperation with Montenegro has been also established in terms of recent DDoS attacks on the Government of Montenegro's web page, as well as the entire network infrastructure of the Government of Montenegro, during which NATO has provided technical assistance in the form of advice and considering of the best options to protect infrastructure. In that regard, he stressed the importance of education at all levels on cyber security and training of civil servants dealing with information security in order to provide better protection.

Meeting in Brussels also agreed on the continuation of cooperation through the education and training programmes, conducted by the Ministry of Public Administration, through NATO SPS Programme, in cooperation with the NATO School in Oberammergau.