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International Day of Public Administration marked

International Day of Public Administration marked
Published date: 01.07.2020 14:55 | Author: PR Service

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The Ministry of Public Administration marked the International Day of Public Administration under the motto "Administration - Citizen Service", which is also the slogan of the public administration reform process.

The event was opened by Minister of Public Administration Suzana Pribilović and UNDP Resident Representative Daniela Gasparikova.

"We did not look for excuses in the public administration, but even in this very challenging period, we show great strength, energy and commitment. Maybe even more than we knew we could. This was shown and proved to us by all colleagues. On the frontline were health workers, police officers, soldiers, educators, civil servants, utility workers and many others who work on responsible and demanding jobs in public administration," said Minister Pribilović.

"I am very proud that the public administration, in this situation as well, has shown flexibility and adapted to the electronic way of internal communication, as well as communication with citizens, and enabled the system to continue to function smoothly. Every employee in the public administration contributed and showed that the public administration is a real citizen service. I am especially pleased that our colleagues from the Directorate for Electronic Administration and Information Security enabled the creation of conditions for electronic business and work from home in these extraordinary circumstances," said Pribilović.

"Coronavirus confirmed how much we need public services in everyday life, but also triggered a behaviour change which will set new standards. Suddenly we all realised that we don't have to travel to every meeting if it can be done online, we don't need to print every single paper when there is an electronic signature, and it is not necessary to go to the counter when we can use e-services instead," UNDP Resident Representative Daniela Gasparikova said.

She pointed out that the research, conducted by UNDP before the epidemic, showed that 7 out of 10 citizens of Montenegro have never used digital administration services, and that most prefer to go to the counter, even when e-services are cheaper. We believe this has changed in the meantime, and there are many examples that speak in favour of digital transformation.

"When we launched the electronic enrollment in schools and kindergartens, we saw how a complicated process, that used to take weeks or months, was now finalised in less than two weeks. But this e-service was not created overnight. It stemms from long-term hard effort, that may not have been so visible. It is the Single Information System for Electronic Data Exchange (SISEDE), established by the Government and UNDP, with the financial support of the European Union. That system is the backbone of public administration, which makes it more efficient, transparent and more oriented towards providing services to citizens," concluded Gasparikova. 

The best employees for 2019 in the ministries and the Ministry of Public Administration were presented with awards. 

The event was realised with the support of the project "Efficient internal and external communication of the Public Administration Reform Strategy", which is financed by the European Union.